Questions To Ask When Choosing A Real Estate Brokerage

Dated: 06/26/2017

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1. How long have you been in business?

Changes in the markets have unintentionally made people more financially aware in past years, and Real Estate Agents are not an exception. As people search for new ideas on how approach their goal of achieving financial freedom, the commission split between broker and agents becomes a priority. After all, you do the work, you deserve the money. This is when Brokers began trying the “100% Commission” approach. Traditional brokerages still have 80/20, 70/30, or even 60/40 splits!

At Yaffe International Realty, we are proud to say we have been in the Real Estate Business for over 12 years, and are one of the “100% Commission” pioneers. We believe in volume. By having many agents, but still managing to offer one-on-one assistance and guidance, Yaffe International Realty was able to thrive in the face of adversity and a non-complying real estate market. Many “100 percent” commission brokerages pop up through the years, and almost all of them have not made it past their 2 years, we have faced the test of time and are passing with flying color as we offer you the confidence that we are here to stay.

 Do you have an office?

Due to the fact that 100% Commission brokerages gain very little income from every agent that represents them, cutting down company costs is essential to their survival. This is why most of these companies only offer a virtual office, where agents must do everything online and wait for a response from management, also receiving very little training and support since agents and management rarely have any contact.

 At Yaffe International Realty, we offer agents 24/7 use of our multiple office locations. All of our locations are equipped with the latest technology and tools to help you become a leader in the market. With over 180 listings on the MLS, agents also have the opportunity to advertise colleagues’ properties, so inventory is never an issue.

 What is the brokers experience level?

Did you know that a recent College Graduate in the state of Florida can obtain a Brokers license and open a Real Estate Brokerage in Florida by just showing his high school diploma and 2 years’ experience as an agent? Well, this is true, and many “young entrepreneurs” enter the market with the ambition to start their business and become millionaires overnight, most dropping out before getting to the pot at the end of the rainbow.

 Luckily, at Yaffe International Realty, the broker, Alfredo Yaffe, counts on over 15 years of experience working full time in the Real Estate Market. When you are deep into a real estate transaction and an issue arises, an experienced and knowledgeable broker is invaluable and essential to helping you solve the matter as quickly and smoothly as possible. At Yaffe International Realty, our broker is available 24/7 to help you close deals.

 Is there an on-site transaction coordinator?

Real Estate transactions can get messy, and even the most experienced agents need some help along the way. This is why it is essential for companies to have staff available at all times to help solve any issues that may arise, or just to help with any questions you may have along the way. Due to 100% split companies earning very little per agent, most companies do not have on-site support in order to avoid extra costs.

At Yaffe International Realty, not only do we offer agents training, we also have our staff available 9 A.M. – 6 P.M. for any questions you may have or any assistance you may need.

 How many transactions has you company closed Year-To-Date?

Observing the quality of agents a company attracts should also be an essential part of choosing the right brokerage to work with. If a company boasts having over 500+ agents, but only closes a handful of deals a year, clearly they don’t have quality agents and are lacking professionalism.

At Yaffe International Realty, while proudly announcing we have 500+ agents currently working with us, we have closed over 2000 transactions Year-To-Date.


 Not only does our team at Yaffe International Realty offer 100% commission to our agents, we also offer a free iPad, Laptop, or iWatch at your first closing!!!

Realtors: Make the smart move and join us today!

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Start earning what you deserve!

-100% Commission

- No franchise fees

- No required floor time or meetings

- Work from anywhere (home or office)

- 24/7 Broker support

- Listings belong to the agent

- No sign-up fees


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Questions To Ask When Choosing A Real Estate Brokerage

1. How long have you been in business?Changes in the markets have unintentionally made people more financially aware in past years, and Real Estate Agents are not an exception. As people search

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